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Want to see me in your personalized fantasy?
Want to hear me say your name while I cum?

Have a specific fetish you want me to explore?

With a custom video order you can have your very own video of me, exactly the way you want me!

These are my standard custom video prices. If your idea requires buying props/costume, hiring another model or camera man, or you want it to be for your eyes only, there may be additional costs.

5 min £80
10 min £135
15 min £170
20 min £190
25 min £210

I love bringing your vision to life so get in touch with me to discuss your ideas today! I have a wealth of personal fetishes and am not easily shocked so don't be shy.


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Custom Videos


"I just watched your amazing new video, and

gosh this video is amazing, such beautiful work,

and high quality. I really enjoyed it. It's quite

what I had in mind."

"Video was marvelous!! Loved the talking, and the
outfit, and that wig removal was sexy!
Thanks for your effort on this Eryn!!"

"Thank you very much for this amazing video. I loved
all of it. The "bird" views are just an amazing idea....
By the way, I love your British accent"


"Thank you. I got it. It was perfect. Another good one."

"I just have to say again your custom video is sooo amazing. "